Founder of Sammivik Consult, PhD Fellow, Speaker



Expert on the Arctic, Greenland, Inuit, Indigenous knowledge, environmental issues, and the interface between science, policy and Indigenous Peoples.

I am a joint PhD Fellow at Aalborg University and Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland. In collaboration with the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) - Greenland, my research focus on the Utilization of Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Impact Assessments of Extractive Industry activities in the Arctic, with special focus on Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

I worked as an Advisor on Environmental Issues for ICC - Greenland, focusing on Indigenous Peoples' rights and Inuit interests in meetings with the Arctic Council, EU and UN concerning environmental issues and engagement of Indigenous Peoples.

I hold a MSC degree in Biology with speciality in Biological Oceanography, and moved into the field of environmental planning as well as Indigenous and Arctic issues. I have extensive experience in public speaking, whether in professional or popular settings.

My background as an Inuk from Nuuk, Greenland provides me with in-depth knowledge about Arctic, Greenlandic and Inuit issues. I am currently living in K√łge, Denmark with my husband and our two small children.

Sammivik Consult was founded in 2019.